What Are Koala Bears?

Koala’s are among the most iconic cuddly stuffed animals there are… along with maybe pandas regular old teddy bears. If you’ve ever been curious about this adorable animal then keep reading and we’ll answer: What are koala bears aside from an animal that eats eucalyptus leaves and hangs out in a tree all day?

What are koala bears?

Koalas are marsupials but very wrongly called bears. They are not at all similar to bears in any way. These pouched mammals are found mostly in the eastern part of Australia. Marsupials are immature when they are born and develop in the mother’s pouch. The mother Koala carries around the baby for about six months. When the fully developed baby emerges it mostly clings to the mother or rides on her back till it is about a year old. Mammals are either placental also known as eutherian or marsupials. Koalas belong to the latter variety.

What we know about koala bears

Koalas are cute

Koalas are extremely cute and cuddly animals that sleep for the most part of the day. You will usually find them on trees. These hairy creatures have a lean and muscular body. The limbs are quite strong and the length of the hind and front limbs are of equal length. The animal can support its own weight while climbing trees. Koala has a great sense of balance. The thigh muscles of the Koala are extremely strong. It joins the shin of the animal at the much lower end which is not normal in mammals.

This provides it with the strength required for climbing trees. The paws of the Koala typically adapted for climbing and it has very sharp claws. The palms and the souls have rough pads on them which help it to you have gone to the tree trunks and branches. You will find a short clause in both the wind and the front pause with five digits on each. The front of has two digits which are opposed to the three other digits. It is somewhat like the thumb in human beings the benefit of possessing search is in being able to grasp the branches easily.

This positioning of the digits allows the Koala to hang onto the branches more security. Branches that have been gripped by the Koala possess distinct marks which help up animal conservationists to track koalas. The digit which opposes the other three does not have a clock because it is mostly used for gripping. If you observe of the Koala you will find the second and third digits being fused together. These are primarily used for grooming and removing ticks. Interesting koala bear facts include that apart from the human beings only the Koala has individual fingerprints.

Koala fur

The funny quote of the Koala protects it not just from temperature high and low but also functions like a natural raincoat protecting the animal from the raindrops. The Koala fur can be seen in different shades between grey and brown. The difference in Shade mostly depends on whether the animal is from the northern part of Australia or the southern part. Some scientists feel that this variation might be because some of them belong to the subspecies of koalas. On closer observation, you will find Eid date every Koala has a bit of white for or in the inner areas of the ears. The same whitish fur can also be seen on the chest, neck, chin and the inside of the front pause and also sometimes on the hind limbs.

The par on the Koala acts as a natural cushion against the scratches from the tree trunks and branches. The Koala’s rump has a freckled appearance which often makes it difficult to spot it. If you want to spot a male Koala then look for or the scent glands on the chest. It usually rubs the scent glands on the branches to keep away other mail Koalas from its area.

Males and females

The male koalas are usually larger the females. They also possess the scent gland on their chest. The females have a koala pouch at the very center of the abdomen. Both have up white chest if they are not of the breeding age. The male Koala called a buck and the female a doe.

Koalas have heightened senses

The quality does not possess a very large brain. In fact, in comparison two other marsupials its brain size is quite small. The size of its head, however, is larger when compared to the body. A scientist has opined that because of the smaller size of the brain the koala can survive on a low-calorie diet of eucalyptus leaves. It has been observed that Koalas have a great sense of smell. The large and leathery nose of the Koala can detect toxin levels in eucalyptus leaves. They can also smell the scent put on eucalyptus leaves by other Koalas.

It is believed, in fact, that even the immature koala infants can smell their mother’s milk and reach the teats in the pouch. The Koala also dresses possesses a great sense of hearing. This is important for their survival and socializing with other koalas because they usually live miles apart because each koala can consume a lot of leaves in a day. The eyesight of the koalas is not very high because they are much smaller when compared to the other sensory organs.

They have a pouch

The pouch of the quarrel is not like the kangaroos. It does not open upwards Nida does it open downwards. It actually opens outwards. The pouch is quite strong and has very tough sphincter muscle which is necessary for stopping preventing the small Joey from falling out if it leans outwards.

How koalas sleep

Koalas love to sleep and eat all day. These marsupials on an average sleep for around 18 hours a day. You will find them dozing off all day tucked in the corner of trees. They only wake up at night it to feed on the favorite koala diet – eucalyptus leaves and then sleep some more. Leaves of eucalyptus have a rich moisture content which the marsupials use to their benefit. You will not find that Koalas are very thirsty. Sometimes these animals store leaves in their cheek pouches to munch on later. You will find that the koalas always smell of Eucalyptus oil which reminds one of the cough drops. This is because they munch on the leaves all day. These mammals have a distinct digestive system which allows them to digest the eucalyptus leaves without being harmed by there poison content.

Are koalas endangered?

The population of the koalas has depleted over time. This is mostly because of the shrinkage of the Woodlands in Australia which is the primary koala habitat. Each of these mammals consumes hundreds of trees which are making it difficult for them to survive. On average, a koala consumes about 500 grams to one kg of leaves every night. Therefore, special care is been taken up now to preserve these animals. Koalas today are mostly endangered because of the reducing forests rather than the koala predators.

Many of these marsupials die because of illness, bushfires, dogs and being run over by cars. To save the depleting population of these animals much wildlife conservation organizations have come up with koala adoption programs wherein anyone can adopt a koala against a sum of money. The organization sends photographs and details of the marsupial you have adopted along with stickers and an adoption certificate.