8 Signs Your Cat is Pregnant

If your cat has not been spayed, has been around male cats, and you’re concerned that she might be pregnant, then you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to discuss 8 signs that indicate your cat is pregnant. We’ll also learn more about what happens when a cat gets pregnant.

They have a gestation period of approximately nine weeks before the cute kittens make their way into the world. Initially, there are no tell-tale signs of her pregnancy so chances are you will not know till at least a fortnight has passed. So, how to tell if a cat is pregnant or not.

8 signs your cat is pregnant

Cats have their peak periods when they are in heat and can conceive easily. Once a cat has a litter it is even easier for her to get pregnant. If you feel your cat might be pregnant then you can easily get her checked with a vet but other than that it is not possible to tell how long is cat pregnant. Some of the obvious signs are listed below:

1. Her nipples turn pink

Your cat’s nipples will turn pink after she is pregnant for about 15 or 18 days. If you are wondering how to tell if a cat is pregnant check her nipples. They will also become enlarged and reddish.

2. Morning sickness

Like humans, cats also tend to suffer from morning sickness. But then some cats might not also. You will have to keep an eye on her to know how long is cat pregnant.

3. Getting heavier

As the weeks progress your cat will increase in weight by around one to two KGs which is a sure sign that she is pregnant. This may give an idea of how long the cat has been pregnant.

4. Has a larger belly

Notice if the kitty’s belly is increasing as well. Try not to touch it because you may end up hurting the babies or the mother. Although there may be other reasons for the increase in weight also. Check with your vet if you want to be absolutely sure.

5. She’s eating more

Pregnant cats have a larger appetite towards the end of the pregnancy so she will be eating more. However, increased weight is also a sign of illness or worms, sometimes. It is among the important cat pregnant stages.

6. Get an ultrasound

An ultrasound can reveal how many kittens are there around the 40th day of your cat’s pregnancy because the skeletons are more or less visible by then. But if there is a large kitten then visibility might be obstructed.

7. Gets fussy

The cat will become fussier and more affectionate towards you. But she is going to dislike all the other animals in the house.

8. Wants to be left alone

With two weeks left for the kittens to come the mommy cat will want to be left alone and take rest. She will also want some privacy so you will find her hiding in quiet places. Give her privacy because she wants to get ready for birth. These are some of the cat pregnant stages that you will come across as your cat gets ready to become a mummy.

Watch for a change in behavior

Not just the physical changes, if you want to know how to tell if a cat is pregnant your kitty will show behavioral changes as well which show that she is ready to become a mother. You will notice the cat sleeping more than before. Well, she is just tired because the pregnancy is taking up a lot of her energy. Around four or five weeks of the gestational period the cat will want serious affection and attention from you. If required she will demand it from you so be ready to shower her with a lot of love and warmth. Many owners have more than one cat or even a dog in the same household. But don’t expect your cat to be very friendly with them during this time. She will be less tolerant of them now. Some cats even want to stay from the kids in the family while pregnant.
Your cat will become more restless with the approach of labor. You will find her roaming the house looking for a quiet place which she will turn into her nest. This is the place where she will retire once labor starts. So, the query, how to tell if a cat is pregnant is answered here because now it’s time to play with the kittens.

If your cat brings home kittens

If you follow the cat pregnancy timeline then you will know she is ready to give birth. Watch her retire to the nesting place and wait for the babies to come. Get her a quiet and warm place because the entire process lasts for approximately 24 hours. Her body temperature will drop to 37.8 degrees before labor starts. You will find the cat purring loudly and appearing quite agitated.

The last section of the cat pregnancy timeline can be divided into three stages. In the first part when the labor starts, she will stop eating food and lick the vulva. This will approximately also around six to 12 hours. Abdominal contractions are normal along with some vaginal discharge. In case the discharge seems blood red or blackish call the vet. In stage two, she will begin straining to move the first couple of kittens down the birth canal. She may seem like she is going to defecate but that is not the case. At the end of stage two, she will have at least two kittens.

The last part of the cat pregnant stages will start with the passing of the placenta of the just-born kittens. Then on, she will prepare for the birth of the rest of the kittens. And repeating the previous stages she will give birth to all the kittens. Approximately, she will require 24 hours to complete the process. As the owner, you do not have any part in the cat pregnancy timeline except for intervening when things become critical for the life of your pet. Contact your vet only when necessary because otherwise it is a natural process and she is a mother. So, by instinct, she will know what to do and how. The feline birth process is usually smooth and nor intervention is necessary. However, if you notice discoloured discharge or that she is straining without any sign of a kitten the there might be some complication and you may have to contact the vet.