How to make your pet love you!

What goes around comes around! This rule applies here as well. If you love your pet, they are gonna love you back. Showing your love towards your pet by cuddling or holding them in your arms, and caress will not only get your pet closer to you but also gain your faith in them. This can make your pet love you more.

First Impression is the last!


Just like we human beings, Pets too have a first impression. When you get a new pet at your home it’s very important that you behave kindly with them. Most of the pets are panicked and in chaos when they are brought to a new place. Showing your love and affection to them initially will help you strengthen the bond with them and gain
your trust with them.

Feeding them is a key step


Pets tend to love the person in the family the most who feeds them regularly. So feeding your pet with your hands and make them realize that you care for them is a great way of earning your trust and making them rely on you as a pet owner. You can also give them snacks regularly as a mark of reward.

Give them space


Most of the pets are kiddish by nature. They tend to be hyperactive or extremely playful when they see you coming from the office or if they are happy. Let them be themselves, give them the space that they need. This helps your pet get comfortable with you more easily and effectively.

Reward and Appreciate them regularly


Just like a kid. Pets love to be rewarded even for their smallest activity and achievement. One of the ways to make your pets immensely love you is rewarding them with
some tasty snacks, toys or caress.

Groom them with care and love


Just like dogs and cats, many other pets need regular cleaning and grooming like Bath, Comb or trimming. Pets feel more comfortable and relaxed after being groomed. Pets tend to love their owner more who take care of their grooming. This can help your pet love you more than before.

Give them your time


Pets too need your time like your loved ones. Give your precious time to your little pet by playing with them or by just accompanying them. This is a great way of understanding each other and get closer. Spending time with your pet helps in developing a feeling for you.

Train them


Training your pet is an amazing way of spending time with your pet. You can teach your pet to swim or jump or even respond to their new name. There are a million things you can teach your pet just like a tiger in the circus. Its a great way of getting close to your pet within no time.

Don’t be rude even if they misbehave


Pets may misbehave or break rules especially when they are at a new place. Pet owners need to behave with maturity in such situations. You need to be kind to them rather than misbehaving with them. Help them change their habit gradually. Being rude with them can make a negative impact on your pet, they can even face psychological issues under extreme cases of misbehavior. This will naturally cause them to lose their trust over you.

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