My Cat is in Heat! What do i do?

The signs of Heat cycles discussed here are strict with respect to adult female cats. However, Heat cycles in male cats are very different. A female cat undergoes heat cycles for about a week and you can expect her to be in next heat after a period of 40-50 days(varies from cat to cat ). You may notice a drastic change in your cat’s behavior and routine during this period. As a pet owner, you might be panicked and confused to see her new face. This article gives you basic information on behavior when your cat is in heat



When your cat is in heat you can expect her to be vocal at any instance of time. This noise can be loud enough to grab your attention or it even can also wake you up from a deep sleep. When a cat is in heat she suddenly starts making deep noise making you wonder if she’s in pain. It is difficult to differentiate if shes actually in heat or in pain. If you notice such behavior from your cat it is always advised to get her examined by a Vet.

Is your queen more affectionate?


Is your queen trying to be exceptionally more affectionate with you? If yes, Then shes through her heat cycle and its time for her to mate. You may also find her rubbing with wall corners or furniture with her chin. This affectionate behavior of a cat signifies that she is ready to mate with a male cat.

She wants to move out


Is your cat more interested outside than in your home? Is she spending most of her time staring outside from windows and growling? These are the signs that your cat is in intense heat. She wants to desperately move out of your home and find a suitable mate for mating.

Her Unusual Gesture


Cat behaves abnormally when they are in heat. You may notice your cat lifting her back body and lowering her front body like she’s bowing. This is most common sign that your cat is in heat and that gesture is an invitation from her for male cats to mate with her. During this period even if you hover your hand over her back body she goes into bowing position and even may start growling.

Loss Of Appetite


Loss of Appetite can be observed in your cat if she’s in heat. You might be worried about her sudden loss in appetite. It’s very common in female cats if she is in the heat to lose her appetite. You don’t have to worry about her appetite as she will be back to her normal routine and diet once she is out of her heat cycle.

Licking Her Private Parts


You may notice your female is licking her vagina more than usual. The reason behind this is her swollen vulva during her heat cycle.  Females cats experience swelling in their vulva causing an itching around their private region and make them feel like licking it.



Some female cats also spray during their heat cycles just like an adult male cat. Not every female cat sprays but many female cats do. Cats spray in order leave their territory mark and also invite stud males for mating. Cats usually spray on the corners and edges of the home.

Note: Female Cats spray only during their heat cycles.

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