How to Groom Your Cat (7 Tips)

Cats love to clean themselves and spend most part of the day doing it. However, there are times when a little additional help is needed. Cats respond well to the grooming sessions if they have been trained for the same. Starting young is the best way to get your kitten into the habit of liking these sessions. The key to successful sessions is making them as enjoyable as possible. To improve your skills at grooming your cat make a note of the instruments required and how to move step by step and knowing when to stop.

Why grooming is important?

Even if your cat is clean it is important to impose a weekly check-up to keep the feline in the pink of health. Some of the benefits of grooming include the following:

  • Regular grooming does not allow the formation of fur balls
  • Makes the coat oily and shiny
  • Gives you the chance to check for lumps, ear mites, fleas etc
  • Improves the bonding between the two of you

How to groom your cat – x tips

1. Get into the habit

Grooming is a habit so the earlier you start the better. If you have brought your cat as a baby try starting with the grooming routine from that age. Start with a small amount of time and gradually increase it. Your cat will start understanding it as a part of the daily routine and will be prepared for it. It is a good idea to make the experience pleasurable because negative ones will discourage your pet from the whole idea of grooming.

  • It is best to start grooming the animal when it is most relaxed like after a meal. You will find her enjoying the brushing on the hair
  • Initial sessions should not be more than 10 minutes
  • Shower the animal with praises and some treats to encourage her for more sessions
  • If your pet does not seem very happy discontinue the grooming for now and starts later

2. Learn to brush correctly

Brushing is very useful for cleaning dirt, dead hair, tangles and mats out of the hair. It is important to brush in the direction of the hair. You will need to be gentle with the hairs around the chest and belly.

If your cat has short hairs you can use a comb with a metal tooth. Check for fleas while you are combing the hairs. They look like small black flecks. For removing loose hair use a soft brush.

Wondering how to groom a long-haired cat? Well, if your feline has long hairs use a comb with a wide tooth to untangle the hairs and remove the debris. Then, use a bristle brush to take out all the loose hairs. For the facial hairs try using a tooth brush. If the hair is matted, don’t try to cut it since the feline might not agree to it and you can get hurt. The answer to how to groom a long-haired cat are many, but you must have patience.

In the case of long-haired cats, it is best to brush it daily while brushing twice in a week is sufficient for the short-haired ones.

3. Make it easy on the cat

How to bathe a cat? Cats, do not prefer bathing. Period. They are not fond of water in any way so, it’s best not to try it with your pet. Then, how to bathe a cat? Most cats do not need to be bathed at all. But, sometimes, the coat might be too sticky and you will have to resort to making your pet bath. It is important to approach the situation carefully so that nobody gets harmed.

  • If you want to clip the nails of your pet, do it before the bath
  • Prepare the water ensuring that the temperature is pleasant- not too hot or cold
  • Always use a shampoo that is made for cats
  • The water in the tub should not be more than three or four inches
  • Remember, never to pour water on the cat’s head directly or even spray it in the eyes or ears.
  • Try using a jet or a solid pitcher for bathing the cat
  • Shampoo should start with the head and then progress towards the tail
  • After shampoo make sure that all of it has been rinsed out properly
  • Use a large towel for drying the animal

This is how to bathe a cat following the proper procedure.

4. Trim their claws

Trimming the cat’s claws is easy if you have started the grooming session properly. If you are wondering how to cut cats claws, know that the trick is to give the feline a foot massage every day so that it is comfortable with you touching the paws. Give a gentle massage on the legs and extend to the pay area. Pressing the pad on each toe will bring out the claw. Once your cat is used to this clip the white portion of the nails with the help of a sharp scissor or clipper then is designed especially for cats. Make sure you don’t cut on the pinkish area that is visible through the transparent claw. The method of how to cut cats claws can be tricky initially but with regular practice it becomes easy.

5. Brush their teeth

Even though cats can clean themselves regularly, oral care is not one of them. Most cats have a horrible tuna breath. Also, they tend to develop oral ailments like gingivitis and tartar which leads to tooth loss also. If you are wondering how to brush my cats teeth then you can start with a toothbrush when they are quite young. This will get them into the habit of brushing daily. If you want to know how to brush my cats teeth then speak to a vet for the best routine to maintain. Ideally, brushing twice or thrice a week is alright even if you cannot do on a daily basis. You will need to make the cat comfortable before starting to brush. Raise the lip and start brushing from one side and away from her gumline. Your cat will open her mouth and assist when she gets the taste of the toothpaste. Once you are finished let her drink from the bowl. Cat toothpaste of various kinds are completely safe for the animals.

6. Cleaning your cat’s eyes

A cat’s eye does not require a lot of attention. So, if you are wondering how to clean cats eyes, there is nothing much to do with it. Just clean it with a piece of damp cloth. Sometimes kittens may be affected by conjunctivitis. In that case, it is not helpful to know how to clean cats eyes because they need the help of a vet. Regular vaccination is necessary to keep conjunctivitis at bay.

7. And their ears

If your kitten is constantly shaking the head, has dark build-up coming out of the ears or itching then they may be suffering from ear mites. You don’t need to know how to clean cats ears if they have ear mites because a visit to the doctor is most important then. You will need to ask the vet how to clean cats ears if they have a little ear wax.

Cats are easy to maintain because they can take care of themselves so well. But with a little help from your side they can stay healthy. In case, you are unable to handle your cat ask the vet how often should I take my cat to the groomer? It is important to know how often should I take my cat to the groomer so that the animal’s grooming can be done properly at regular intervals.