How to Bathe Your Dog (5 Tips)

Dogs are lovely, aren’t they? They are man’s best friend. They are as loyal as any best friend could ever be and can go to any extent when it comes to loyalty with his ‘Hooman’. They like having a good play in the park whenever he is set free and in this process, he gets really dirty. There are many other ways in which a dog can get dirty and it is a duty of his owner to keep him clean by bathing him regularly. This keeps him free from dirt and parasites which may spoil the dog’s as well as his skin coat’s health.

However, you might think that it is not necessary to bathe your dog regularly. Though daily showers are not required as humans do, it is quite necessary to clean them at least once every month.

Here are a few tips which people come across while bathing their ‘Best Friend’.

How to bathe your dog

1. Bathing a dog that hates water

The most important thing to keep in mind is to never surprise a bath to him. Prepare him well by letting him know. Keep the bathing station ready, equipped with toys and even snacks which can attract him. Guide him to the place and make him comfortable. Its always better to have warm water in the tub and make sure that it is not filled completely which can frighten the dog. Make him used to the water by pouring a few drops on him and brushing him smoothly.

It is recommended to take your dog for a walk before the bath as being a little tired, he will not resist you while you give him the bath.

2. Bathing a dog with fleas

Fleas are irritating. Both for you as well as your dog. These small bugs crawl around your dog’s fur and feed on his blood. Not only dogs, but they can also even jump on to any other animal in your home. Your dog may lick or scratch the flea bites which may infect them. It is really important to keep your dog free from fleas.

Buy a flea shampoo (easily found in your local pet store). Read the instructions carefully regarding the dosage to be used according to the size of your dog. While giving him a bath, don’t forget to apply the shampoo lather around his neck to avoid fleas from crawling on to the head.

Then apply shampoo on the entire body and wash using a handheld shower. Use warm water in this process as dogs do not tolerate hot water. Dry your dog with the help of a towel and a blower. Use a flea comb to remove dead fleas from his body.

3. How often to bathe your dog

This depends on various factors like your dog’s health, his daily activity ( whether he prefers playing indoor or outdoor ) and also the breed type.

Dogs who like to play outdoors get themselves dirty and it is required to clean them frequently. Also, they start producing foul smell which may be unpleasant for the people around him. However, dogs who like playing indoor do not require much cleaning and hence can be bathed less frequently.

Dogs with some kind of skin allergies are required to be bathed twice every week and special care must be taken while bathing them. If their skin is too dry, they can be bathed once a week.

4. No shampoo? Try this…

Don’t have a dog shampoo? No worries. There are ways where you can make homemade shampoo for your dog. Just need to make sure on a few things and you are good to go.

Steps :

In two cups of warm water, mix half a cup of Vinegar and a quarter cup of Dish wash soap. Make sure you do not use dish wash in excess or more often as this can make your dog’s skin dry.

Spray this solution on your dog’s body and rub his fur with your fingers until the lather appears. Make sure you rinse out the solution completely from his body before drying him. Failing to do so may result in irritation and other skin problems.

However, it is recommended to use a Dog Shampoo as they are manufactured based on the PH needs of your Dog’s skin and are non-toxic.

5. Best shampoo to use for your dog

The PH level of a dog’s skin ranges between 5.5 to 7.5. Human shampoo is made in such a way that it can cater specifically with the acidity level of Human’s skin (PH level ranging between 5.2-6.2). This makes Human shampoo too acidic for Dogs.

However, you can use human shampoo if you run out of regular dog shampoo but should not make a habit of it as it can do damage over time. Apart from this, the fragrance in human shampoo may also cause uncomfortableness to your dog.

Baby shampoos are tear free and have fewer PH levels compared to those of adults. They are slightly better to use for your dog. But the fragrance can still cause damage.

Hence, it is not recommended to use Human shampoo but in case of unavailability of dog shampoo, you can go with a shampoo having lesser PH levels and less artificial fragrance.