23 Awesome Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are primates just like humans, so that means they are more closely related to people than almost any other type of animal on the planet. In this article article we’ll learn some cool and interesting facts about monkeys that you may not have known about.

Let’s dive in!

23 Interesting facts about monkeys

Monkeys are mischievous! Let us have some more information on the best social animal and read on to enjoy some interesting facts about monkeys.

  1. The word monkey is supposed to relate to the word Manneken, a Dutch word, and comes from a medieval beast story.
  2. Undoubtedly, monkeys are the most social and smart animals.
  3. Monkeys have a lifespan in between 10 to 50 years
  4. The leader grooms the members for socializing and surviving.
  5. The New World monkeys features prehensile tails that are not available in Old-World monkeys.
  6. They can eat plants as well as animals and even dirt, they are classified as omnivorous
  7. Mandrill comes under monkey species, features fangs that are lengthier than the lion’s fangs.
  8. Spider monkey comes under New-World monkey category and features the longest tail
  9. The Howler monkey is the loudest animal in the world.
  10. According to research, among all the animals in the world monkeys, usually transmits most of the life-threatening diseases for human.
  11. They are capable of holding food and peeling off bananas effectively.
  12. Monkeys are usually impulsive and fun to watch even quite curious to learn new things.
  13. In many parts of the world, keeping a monkey is illegal but if trained properly they are known as the most trusted pet and give you ample companionship.
  14. According to the category, Cercopithecoid monkeys are differentiated into Old World and New World.
  15. Apes and monkeys are not the same, the tail distinguishes them, the apes do not have the tails.
  16. Female monkeys are quite serious about the food, they do not even allow matting in case there is the unavailability of food.
  17. Usually, a mother monkey gives birth in two years.
  18. The Probosci monkeys like to eat unripe fruits only to avoid sugar which causes stomach bloating
  19. Monkeys are capable of comprehending numbers and according to research, they can even grasp the basic arithmetic as well.
  20. Monkeys can transmit diseases such as Monkeypox, yellow fever, and Ebola Reston.
  21. The tail of monkeys works similarly to human fingertips and touch-sensitive.
  22. By removing bugs and clearing dirt, monkeys not only show us the togetherness but also guide us for personal hygiene and grooming.
  23. Common marmosets can give birth to non-identical twins, which is an unusual trait for primates. Marmosets are often used for research on human aging and disease because their bodies are very close to those of humans.


I hope you enjoyed these random facts about monkeys and hopefully learned something new! Thanks for reading!