Facts about Hippos (26 Facts)

The hippopotamus is the third-largest land animal and features some of the astonishing realities. This part will mostly cover their existence, habitat, evolution, diet, and social activities. Here are some incredible facts about hippos

26 Amazing Facts about hippos

  1. It is believed that a family of hippos came into existence 55 million years ago. Thus, they are one of the most ancient animals in the world.
  2. The hippo can outpace humans easily even though it has a barrel-shaped body.
  3. A hippopotamus loves to stay in water for hours that is why the Greeks have named them the river horse.
  4. This amphibious animal holds a scientific name as Hippopotamus amphibious.
  5. They are one of the most feverish animals in Africa who can be aggressive if they find anything suspicious.
  6. They are the relatives of whales and dolphins but not of pigs, which is a common myth.
  7. Hippos use their pointed canine during combat.
  8. They are nocturnal animals who graze for five to six hours at night and search for grass with their muscular lips.
  9. A hippo can close its ears and nostrils to protect them from water when they are inside the water of the river or lake.
  10. For marking its territory, a hippo usually grunts or honks loud.
  11. The lifespan of a hippopotamus is 40 to 50 years.
  12. A Pigmy hippo can breed in water as well as on land.
  13. A hippo usually rests in water to keep the summer temperature low and to keep humidity in the skin.
  14. The short legs of a hippo help them glide through the water; hence, a hippo can glide but cannot swim.
  15. If you portend a hippo, the outcome will be perilous.
  16. Many a time, hippo gets hunted because of pointed teeth and meat.
  17. A male hippo is known as a bull, whereas the female hippo known as a cow.
  18. A group of hippos known as a school, herd and pod.
  19. A group of hippos can have 10 to 200 hippos.
  20. They are mostly herbivores and depend on grass for the hippo diet.
  21. Hippos have only physical similarities with the pigs’ nothing any biological resemblance.
  22. The hippos can run at 20 miles per hour on land and 13 miles per hour in water.
  23. A hippo can tear up any animal in a single bite as it has the bite power of 2000 lbs per square inch whereas a lion features a bit force of 1000 lbs per square inch.
  24. A hippo can sleep in the water for hours by plunging their bodies and rise to the water surface for breathing and they do not have to wake up
  25. A baby hippo or calf remains in water up to 14 days right after its birth and does not go for eating
  26. The hippos lie on the seashore and squirt an oily red and orange substance which looks like a blood sweat, but it is actually a skin moistener which protects their skin and also against the germs