Exotic Birds That You Can Pet Right Today

This article gives you basic information about all the exotic birds that are absolutely legal to Tame and can be easily Trained. Basic parameters have been discussed here like Life-expectancy, Weight, Size, Diet of species. Apart from this we have also discussed about their behavior and characteristics.


Scientific Name: Psittculidae
Life Span:5-10 years
Average Size:14-16 cms
Weight: 30-40 gms

They are very social and seed-eating parrots, popularly known a PARAKEETS, they are native of Australia. They are the third most popular pets in the world because of their very small size, low cost and their ability to mimic human speech. These creatures are mainly found in green, yellow, blue and grey colors with black strip marks on their body.  These creatures are very suitable for taming as thy exhibit loyal characteristics. They are considered as social pets and should not be kept isolated.


Scientific Name: Cacatuidae
Life Span: 30-60 years (depending upon breed)
Average Size: 12-24 inch (depending on breed)
Weight: 400-600 gms (depending on breed)

Cockatoo is a kind of parrot. They are mainly found in Australia ranging from Indonesia to New Guinea. They can be found in white, grey and
black colors usually colored feathers in the tails, cheeks or crest. There are around 21 types of cockatoos spread all over the world, Some popular species of cockatoos are Black Palm Cockatoo, Citron Cockatoo, Goffin’s Cockatoos, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Slender-Billed Cockatoos.


Scientific Name : Psittacidae
Life Span : 40-50 years
Average Size: 70-100 cms
Weight: 1.2-2 Kgs

Macaws are Predominantly found in Tropical North and South America. We have around 18 different species of Macaws, most of them are close to extinction.”Scarlet Macaw” is the most common macaw in the modern world. These colorful feathered creatures can be easily tamed and have extraordinary ability to mimic sounds. They can live up to 50 years, making them one of most long-living pet species on earth. They can be found in colors like Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Grey and Red. Macaws feed on Nuts, Seeds, Flowers, Fruits and sometimes also depend on Meat.


Scientific Name: Agapornis
Life Span: 10-15 years
Average Size: 13-17 cms
Weight: 40-55 gms

They are considered as smallest species of parrots. They are uniquely appearing parrots thanks to their short blunt tail, stocky built personality and sharp beak. They are native of Africa and some grey species of love birds are also found in Madgascar Island. This species is called “Love Bird” because of their strong social and affectionate personality. Tough these parrots have an ability to mimic sounds, they are very interactive pets like macaws.


Scientific Name: Fringillidae
Life Span: 6-10 years
Average Size:12-24 cms (depending upon breed)
Weight: 8-12 gms

They are also called as house-finch or Linnets These are small sized exotic birds which comes in all the colors of rainbow, most common colors in finches are purple, black, green olive, orange, red, yellow, indigo etc. This tiny colorful creature is a native of north america and can also be found in hawai. They are not very social when it comes to human interaction like cats or dogs, But still they re very suitable pets for taming because of their small size, soothing voice, less maintenance and absolutely no
grooming required.


Scientific Name : Psittaciformes
Life Span: 20-30 years
Average Size: 30 cms
Weight: 100-130 gms

Conures are Medium-sized vibrantly colored birds, most common colors found in these exotic birds are orange, yellow or mostly green with accent colors and can vary in intensity. They are native of SouthEastern North America. Conures are extremely affectionate birds, they are very social and interactive they can be easily trained to sit on your shoulder or make them give you a kiss. Conures are not best speakers when it comes to mimics, but they mimic voices in their own style. They can have very high vocalization


Scientific Name: Geopelia Cuneata
Life Span: 20-30 years
Average Size: 19-21 cms
Weight: 100-130 gms

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This beautiful creature is native of Australia and can be found in central and Northern Australia. At present we have at-least 12 different color form in diamond doves. The most seen colors in these doves are Grey, Blue Diamond,Pale-grey,Cinnamon,Rusty Red, fawn,Yellow and red. These birds do not show very social behavior but they are not very aggressive at the same time. The best part of petting these tiny birds is that they need not be caged. They are very silent birds, you can her only low frequency
noise from them.

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