Exotic Animals That Can Be Pets

If you are interested in exotic animals that can be pets, then you’re in luck. In this article we’ve put together a list of some of the more popular and unique types of exotic animals that people are keeping as pets.

Let’s get right to it!

Exotic animals that can be pets


There are around 1500-1600 species of scorpions spread across the world living in different habitats like forest,desert etc.These days there is an increase in demand for scorpions, not for eating but as a pet. One of the main reasons is they are very handy, low in maintenance and no grooming is required. Its preferable to keep them in a water tank with 3-4 inch of sand(chemical free) spread throughout the tank uniformly, you can also add ceramic ornaments into the set up. Place a small container with water in the corner of the tank for these jungle species. Tough meal-worms and crickets are ideal for these pets but they eat almost all insects that are small enough for them to grab.


This is one of the most preferred reptile pet and there is an increasing demand for these reptiles as a pet every year. It has got its name as “Bearded Dragon” from its ability to puff their chin making it look like a beard. Just like scorpions they are kept in water tank, you can select an ideal size of tank based their size. Typically an adult dragon require 40 gallon of water tank making enough space inside the closure for it to roam and exercise. The main reason for petting them is their docile nature and and social personality. These are omnivorous animals feeding mainly on Earthworms, crickets, meal-worms and other small size insect, they also feed on vegetables like carrots, cabbages etc .


These exotic creatures are preferred for there tiny size, cuteness and unique features. Gliders need comparatively more attention, space and special diet compared to pets of same size. This species is very social, entertaining and playful but human interaction is very important with them at the same time. They are usually caged, size of the cage can be chose as per the number of glider you are going to keep. Make sure they easily play and roam in the cage. You can also add several toys for them to play or
fix a swing in the closure for their entertainment. You can feed your little glider a wide range of fruits and vegetables like Apple, Avocado, Grapes, Banana, Kiwi, Pears or sweet potatoes, Corn, Lettuce etc


You will be surprised to know that there exist 800 species of tarantulas in the world. There species depends on climate, region. This exotic species is broadly divided into two categories namely Eastern Hemisphere(old world) and western Hemisphere (new world). Tarantulas are not very social animals so it is advisable to keep them in a cozy place, Cages need to be built tall(moderately tall) so they can climb all over the cage. They love to feed all small sized creatures like crickets. Ideally you need to feed them 2-3 times a week. Their Lifespan can be up to 20 years (depending upon breed). These creatures can also bite you sometimes but it is similar to that of bite
of an ant or a bee which can cause swelling or redness around the area of being bit by tarantula.


Tough some people find them creepy, they are being preferred by many for petting aqnd adoption. They got the name “Hissing Cockroach” as they make hissing noise when you touch them. These are kind of slow animals in terms of activity, Making it easy to handle them. These exotic breeds of cockroaches are very different from our house cockroach. They have stout personality with small wings and they are incapable of flying, having a size of 2-3 inch. They are pure vegans. You can pet them in a fish tank which needs to be cleaned at regular intervals of time else it starts stinking. They are crazy when it comes to reproduction


These little african creatures have been considered as pets very recently. They can be amazing companions if taken proper care and feed appropriately. But these little pets are not suitable for everyone for several reasons. They have spines over their body just like porcupines but fortunately they cant shoot them. Sometimes its tricky to hold nervous hedgehog as it my spread out its spines for its safety. These exotic creatures are nocturnal and prefer to be active during the night and prefer major portion of the day sleeping. The best part of having an Hedgehog as a pet is they have amazing bonding with their owners. They respond to your voice and also you can train them. When these creatures are nervous they tend to roll up to look like ball as a self defense But they tend to unroll when they listen or smell their owner around.


These days there is lot of demand for having a burmese python as a pet, especially in united states despite of being largest snake in the world. These creatures can have size varying from 3-7 meters and can weigh 90 kgs. These beautiful snakes are famous for their dark beautiful round patterns on light background skin. They mostly feed rotten eggs, animals and birds like rats and sparrows etc. Baby pythons are preferably kept in fish tank, with some ornaments and leaves inside. They don’t need regular
feeding, feeding them once or twice a week is enough.


If you are looking for beautiful,clean and loving pet, Fennec fox is here for you. It is the only species in the whole fox family that can be accepted as a pet. But these exotic creatures are considered as illegal to tame because of the fact they are a species from sahara desert. Since these exotic little creatures are native of sahara desert they are prone to high temperature. They have a lifespan of 10 years, If you are planning for a long-term commitment fennec fox is suitable for you. Fennec fox
are omnivorous animals feeding mostly on small desert plants, rodents and insects. Talking about their behavior, Sometimes they are hyper and unpredictable so you have to be careful while handling them as a owner.


Pangolins these days are considered as endangered species. They belong to anteater’s family. They are also known by the name “Scaly Anteater”. These are purely nocturnal animals, these exotic animals feed only on ant and termites. Pangolins are generally noisy. They have large and tough claws that they used to excavate ant nests and termite mounds. They may use them for digging up your house floor and furniture. Since these are nocturnal pets, sometimes its very difficult to find them in your home as they prefer a cozy dark and secret place. But these pets are also considered illegal to tame because of their high demand for medicinal purpose. So be sure if it is legal to domesticate this exotic creature in your country.


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Chinchillas are rat like creatures, native of south america. They are found mostly in mountains and rocky regions. They are known for their social and affectionate behavior with their owners. But they don’t like to be hold in your arms like cats and dogs, they just want you to be around them. Chinchillas can live up to 20 years and can grow up o 14 inch. Just like Pangolins, chinchillas are also nocturnal pets, for this reason they also called as “crepuscular”. They prefer cozy places and you need to maintain a strict time table for them as an owner, they get stressed out if they are not fed on regular intervals of time or any change in their routine. These exotic pets are famous for their extremely soft and luxurious fur. They feed on special pellet diet formulated especially for chinchillas.