Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Is your dog continuously itching its body and feeling uncomfortable for a while? Well, it certainly is a sign that he/she might have fleas which are causing him/her trouble. Fleas are common external parasites that cause itching and can make your dog uncomfortable.


Can fleas kill dogs?

YES! Flea is a dangerous disease and can even kill your pet if left untreated. They are annoying and can be dangerous for your dog’s health if not treated on time. In this article, we’re going to cover all the essential topics like how to get rid of fleas on dogs, symptoms of fleas in dogs, etc.

Examine Your Dog For Fleas

Before moving on to the ways, first, let’s look at the symptoms of dog fleas. Here are some of the Symptoms of Fleas in Dogs.


  1. Itching
  2. Scratching
  3. Chewing
  4. Red Spots or bumps or pimples

Here are some methods with which you can check if your dog has fleas –

1. Visual Check or Examine Your Dog

  • These tiny insects are incredibly itchy, so check if your dog is not chewing or scratching its body excessively.
  • Also, there are other signs like hair loss, scabs, head shaking, and hot spots.
  • Fleas are smaller in size when compared to other insects which makes them hard to spot.
  • Many dog breeds have a stronger reaction or allergy to the flea saliva, which can make your dog’s body parts red and can cause irritation.
  • Apart from the allergies, you might also notice red dots on your dog’s skin when a flea bites. Red dots are one of the Symptoms of Fleas in Dogs.
  • Check your dog’s fur with your fingers and try to find fleas in their skin. Generally, insects target the abdomen, tail, and behind the ears area in a dog.
  • Adult insects are small in shape, reddish-brown to black and flat-bodied species of insects.

2. White Towel Test


When you stand your dog on a white towel and start brushing your coat, fleas might jump off the dog’s body, and it will be easy for you to spot them. The white towel test is one of the common practices to locate fleas in dogs home remedy.

3. Flea Comb


  • Use a comb to clean the flea dirt from your dog’s coat. Just make sure the comb remains in contact with the dog’s skin while brushing.
  • Also, dip this flea comb after two to three streaks of brushing in the soapy water to clean the comb.
  • Examine if your dog’s mouth gums are pale. Pale gums indicate Anemia (because of blood loss).
  • Apart from the blood loss, listlessness and low blood pressure are the other signs of Anemia. Anemia is dangerous for small dogs or puppies.

4. Check Your Environment


Checking your environment is one of the ways to spot fleas in dogs home remedy. Look for fleas in dog’s eating area, bedding, and other areas where your dog spends a lot of time. Wipe them with a paper towel or white cloth if you find any.

5. Set Light Traps

light trap

Light attracts adult insects. Set traps for insects by turning on the night light and setting the white paper around. It will be easy to spot them this way.

How to Treat Fleas on Dogs?

If you have spotted tiny insects in your dog, then there’s a high probability that they are in your house, lawn, or even in the places where your dog spends it’s the maximum time. You can prevent and control them and make your dog’s environment safe and clean with many ways.  So, how to get rid of fleas on dogs, let’s check them out –

1. Immediate Treatment – Call Your Veterinarian

Call your veterinarian the instant you find tiny insects on your dog. Your veterinarian will suggest a specific household treatment that includes the treatment of all of your indoor and outdoor pets. The doctor will suggest a monthly treatment that you need to apply for dog flea treatment on the back of your dog’s neck. Apart from it, he will also suggest sprays, powders, and shampoos. Creating a treatment plan for your dog and the environment he/she is living is significant to keep your pet safe and healthy.

2. Try Natural Remedies to Kill Fleas

One of the most simple answers to the question, “how to treat fleas on dogs” is natural remedies like store-bought flea powders and sprays. Flea powders and sprays can be beneficial, and one of the simple ways to kill fleas. Just spray it in your entire house, your dog and it’s bedding. You can also keep fleas away from your dog by using lemon juice while brushing your dog’s fur. All you have to do is to dip while combing.

3. Clean Your Home Properly

Carefully clean your house using a vacuum cleaner and wash rugs, bedding, carpets, and upholstery to get rid of flea eggs and flea themselves. Wash your dog’s bedding every week to prevent fleas from returning.

4. Use Flea Killers

Flea-killers can be one of the ways for dog flea treatment. You can also use insect-killer to control an infestation. Flea killers can only be used when you notice flea in a large number, as these chemicals are dangerous and hence used carefully. You might find flea-killers as aerosol sprays which gives you some time to leave the house or area so that you can save yourself from the effect of the chemicals. Another way to keep yourself safe is to use a gas mask so that you’re not exposed to the flea-killers.

5. Keep Your Yard Grass Short

Tiny insects resided in dark places. Make sure you keep your lawn grass short so that insects can’t hide in them. Fleas avoid areas that are exposed to sunlight.

Final Words

Therefore, the answer to the questions like, “can fleas kill dogs” and “is flea dangerous” can be answered with ease. To keep your pet healthy and safe, you need to be alert and attentive and make sure that your dog, the environment, and your house is entirely flea-free. If not, then make sure you are taking proper measures to get rid of all the symptoms of fleas in dogs you’ve noticed.

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