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Exotic Birds That You Can Pet Right Today


This article gives you basic information about all the exotic birds that are absolutely legal to Tame and can be easily Trained. Basic parameters have been discussed here like Life-expectancy, Weight, Size, Diet of species. Apart from this we have also discussed about their behavior and characteristics. BUDGERIGARS Scientific Name: Psittculidae Life Span:5-10 years Average …

Are You Planning To Get A Pet-Fish For Your Home?


I have been working on this article for a while. If you are planning to get a Fish as a┬ápet in your home, you can just go through this article and you come to a conclusion if you should get Pet-Fish or not. This article focuses on the most common parameters that any pet owner …

Things To Keep In Mind When You Get A Pet Kitten


KEEP HER TO A CONFINED PLACE Many of the kittens are panicked when they are brought to a new place. Being a good owner you need to make her calm and comfortable at the new place. Keep her to a confined place in your house, preferably a room. You can slowly expose her to other …