Is your Cat in labors? Here are the symptoms!

If your cat is in labors or giving birth for the first time and you don’t know what is it that you can expect from her. Then you can go through this article, It will you an idea about the behavioral pattern of pregnant cats when they are close to their delivery.  You will know what you can expect from her during critical time rather being panicked.

Loss of Appetite


When your queen is in labors you can observe a sudden and drastic drop in her appetite. There’s nothing to worry about it, it’s a natural process. You may notice such behavior a day before of giving birth. Mother usually feel uneasy and pain which causes them to lose their appetite.

Discharge from vagina


Just minutes before giving birth to those beautiful and cute kittens you can see and liquid being discharged from the vagina of your queen.  This is one of the most common cat labor symptoms. You need to understand that she needs your assistance at the time of giving birth.Provide her a dark and cozy place where she can be comfortable and make her feel safe and you are there for her to help her out.


mother 7

Undergoing labor pain is a very common and natural process. Every mother undergoes this pain while giving birth. Many cats stays calm and silent while majority of the cats makes noises out of pain at the time of labors. As a good owner you need to calm her down.



When your queen is very close to her delivery days, you need to be vigilant and monitor her continuously. The moment you notice any change in her behavior you need to assist her. Hiding is another very common behavior that you can expect from her. Lets her hide if she wants to, make sure the place is silent, dark, cozy ,warm and safe for both mother and her little babies. And also be sure that you can reach out to her if she needs any help.

Heavy breathing


If your cat is breathing especially when she is close to her days of delivery. You need to understand that your cat is undergoing labors and its time for her to give birth. All you can do is just be by her side and gently caress her to make her feel safe and calm her down.

Disturbed Behavior

Disturbed behavior can be expected from her. Cats tend to be panicked during their labors especially if it is her first time. They may roam around all over your house restlessly and you can expect them to be vocal(shouts). All you can do is get her to a cozy and dark place and don’t let her freely move around. Just try to accompany her by calming her down.

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